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cotton cloth

Cotton fabric is the same cotton fabric that is popularly called cotton fabric. Among the characteristics of the fabric, we can mention the passage of air through its warp and weft, coolness, softness, non-bulleting, lack of sensitivity and transfer of body heat to the outside.

Camouflage fabric

Knitted fabrics are one of the different types of fabrics that are mostly used due to their thickness and keeping the body warm in autumn and winter. This fabric model is produced by knitting method, unlike textile products. A knitted fabric has a softer and softer material than other types of fabrics, and this softness is one of the reasons for the popularity of this model of fabric among the people. Since this product is created through knitting, it can be created in different shapes and designs, and therefore it includes different tastes and has the ability to do so. To satisfy many people.

Silk fabrics

One of the highest quality and most expensive fabrics available is silk. This fabric, which is made of natural silk threads, is used to make decorative clothes. Natural silk is soft and flexible and is usually associated with glitter.

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